NJ Science & Engineering Festival.

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Festival Team

Michael Paitchell
Executive Director and Founder

Mike is an Engineer with 35 years experience in many different industries, performing in diverse roles ranging from management and sales, to hands-on designer, programmer, and builder. He has started up and run several small manufacturing operations, engineering consulting and design houses, engineering search firms, video and film production, aircraft rental operations (he is also a pilot), and other interesting businesses. Mike holds a BSME from Newark College of Engineering (now part of New Jersey Institute of Technology). To improve public education, he was elected twice and is currently serving on the Clifton NJ Board of Education, and is also certified to teach High School Physics, Chemistry and Physical Science. Important goals for him include improving public education in the sciences and technology, raising public awareness of the importance of the American aviation industry, promoting entrepreneurship, and keeping the USA a leader in technology and industry. Mike is responsible for the overall festival concept and structure, as well as recruiting major sponsors, donors, exhibitors, and key participants for the festival.

Vince Frascella
Director of Robotic Events and Exhibits

Vince Frascella obained a BSEE and MS Management Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, in Newark, NJ. He is currently employed as a Production Test Manager at BAE Systems in Wayne, NJ. A life-long New Jersey resident, Vince has 35 years of experience in the field of electronics manufacturing, including 13 years at Goodrich Aerospace in Cedar Knolls, NJ. Vince is married, and has two grown sons. Vince directs the FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics Program of New Jersey. The NJ FTC program is one of the most active in the country, offering numerous Workshops, Scrimmages, and Outreaches - with the goal of involving as many young people as possible in the world of Science and Technology.

John Roszkowski
Engineering Team Leader

John has worked as a mechanical and electrical designer for various companies in Northern New Jersey for the past 38 years.  His main experience has been working on the heavy machinery used in the plastic extrusion industry and the machinery used in the packaging industry.  He started in the mechanical design of this machinery and slowly shifted over to the electrical design starting with relay logic and moving onto programming PLC controllers and HMI interfaces.

38 years ago when John started working Northern New Jersey was home to many manufacturers of industrial machinery.  Unfortunately, today many of these manufacturers have gone out of business, moved to southern states or sold their product lines to the Far East.  It is his hoped that this festival will revive an interest in manufacturing and making things in the US rather buying them from abroad.

John's non-professional interests include amateur radio, model rockets, free flight model aircraft, and woodworking.

John Caramia
Engineering Team Leader

John, a Mechanical Engineer, received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology. He was the Engineering Manager of a major New Jersey based manufacturing company, was instrumental in deploying and commissioning manufacturing lines for company operations in Europe and Asia, and designed and produced high speed production machinery.  He is also precision machinist, with additional expertise programming CNC machining centers.  He has been involved in the Bio-Medical industry, producing custom joint replacements from ultra hard corrosion resistant alloys. He also has expertise in laser engraving systems and digital printing.